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A Two-State Solution Is the Most Practical Route for Israel and Palestine

A Two-State Solution Is the Most Practical Route for Israel and Palestine by David Wearing at The Guardian

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been and will continue to be one of the most enduring political debacles in modern history. One chapter in this never-ending story can safely be closed, however: the one-state solution is forever dead. Demographics, which overwhelmingly favor the Palestinians, would make Jewish rule of a single state unviable–hence Israel’s opposition. And it is Israel, not the Palestinians, that has the upper hand in this debate. A situation must be found if Israel and Palestine wish to avoid a chaotic and even bloodier end to this mess. With the two-state solution now considered the most viable, is Israel prepared to hand over control to the Palestinians?





Broken BRICS

Broken BRICS by Ruchir Sharma at Foreign Affairs

“The West versus the Rest” is a phrase which has become quite popular over the last several years. The global recession hit the US, Japan and Western Europe quite hard. These three economic powerhouses are still reeling to this day, and face new prospects of contraction. While the West limped along, the BRICS–Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa–and many other emerging market economies sprinted ahead. As predictions of American decline gain more and more traction, the battle between the West and the Rest seems more important than ever. Sharma argues, however, “The notion of wide-ranging convergence between the developing and the developed worlds is a myth.” One only need be a cursory student of history to know that the capitals of global dominance endlessly change places.


Africa Rising

The Hopeful Continent: Africa Rising by The Economist

Despite the many fits and starts, more and more people are now seriously looking at Africa as the final frontier of untapped economic growth. As the Chinese and more adventurous multinational firms move in, it remains to be seen whether Africa can mimic Asia’s growth miracle.