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Summly Founder Nick D’Aloisio’s Immodest Goal: Change The Way You Read News

17-Year-Old Summly Founder Nick D’Aloisio’s Immodest Goal: Change The Way You Read News by Dino Grandoni at The Huffington Post

As the years have passed through the early stages of the Internet Age, our attention spans have gotten shorter. Nowhere is this more obvious than Twitter. Conciseness is a wonderful thing, but forming your thoughts around a 140 character barrier is a whole other story. Nick D’Alosio sought to capitalize off of this by developing a “genetic algorithm” that summarizes news stories into 400 characters or less. Information is no longer being lost in translation, but in brevity.




Did Facebook Censor an Anti-Obama Meme?

Did Facebook Censor an Anti-Obama Meme? by William Oremus at Slate

A controversial meme taking criticizing President Obama for his response to the Benghazi debacle went viral on Facebook this week. The meme was taken down and the creator’s account was suspended. Facebook has since apologized for the incident citing human error. Some find this explanation ridiculous when considering the elaborate steps taken to censor the meme and the creator’s account. Others find the explanation of human error plausible due to the sheer number of complaints Facebook receives each week. More important than the reason for the meme’s censoring, this issue highlights the debate over the rights of private companies to censor speech.